​5161           Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda (Plotting Sheet) 

12300         Approaches to New York, Nantucket Shoals to Five Fathom Bank
13003         Cape Sable to Cape Hatteras
13006         West Quoddy Head to New York
13006A      West Quoddy Head to New York (custom)
13009         Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank
13200         Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoals
1107A         Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoals Vintage 1945
13203         Georges Bank Western part
13204         Georges Bank Eastern part
13218         Marthas Vineyard to Block Island
13218A       Marthas Vineyard to Block Island (custom)
13221         Narragansett Bay
13221A       Narragansett Bay (custom)
13226         Mount Hope Bay
13227         Fall River Harbor; State Pier
13227_2     State Pier, Fall River
13228         Westport River and Approaches
13228A       Westport River and Approaches (custom)
13229SC     South Coast of Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay
13229_1      Centerville Harbor to Monomoy Island
13229_2      Oyster Pond and Morris Island
13229_3      Hyannis Harbor
13229_4      Woods Hole to Osterville
13229_5      Bass River
13229_6      Woods Hole 
13229_7      Robinsons Hole
13229_8      Cuttyhunk Harbor
13229_9      Elizabeth Islands
13229_10    Upper Buzzards Bay
13229_11    Entrance to Cape Cod Canal
13229_12    New Bedford Inner Harbor
13229_13    Cape Cod Canal Land Cut
13229_14    Prince Cove and Baxter Neck
260               Falmouth Harbor to Buzzards Bay 1968
13230          Buzzards Bay; Quicks Hole
13230A        Buzzards Bay; Quicks Hole (custom)
13230          Buzzards Bay; Quicks Hole Vintage 1999
13230_2      Quicks Hole
13230_3      Apponagansett Bay, Dartmouth (custom)
13230_4      Mattapoisett Harbor (custom)
13230-6      Tarpaulin Cove Naushon Island (custom)
1847            Tarpaulin Cove Naushon Island 1847(custom)
13230_5      Cuttyhunk Island
297              Cuttyhunk Island 1906
13232          New Bedford Harbor and Approaches
13232A        New Bedford Harbor and Approaches (custom)
13232_2      Apponagansett Bay insert
13232_3      Nasketucket Bay Fairhaven
13232_4      Sippican Harbor Marion
112              Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay 1920
13233          Martha's Vineyard;Menemsha Pond
13233A        Martha's Vineyard;Menemsha Pond (custom)
13233_2      Menemsha Pond, Martha's Vineyard
13233_3      Lake Tashmoo, Martha's Vineyard (custom)
13233_4      Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard (custom)
13235          Woods Hole
1895            Woods Hole 1895
13236          Cape Cod Canal and Approaches
13236          Cape Cod Canal and Approaches Vintage 1984
13236_2      Cape Cod Canal and Approaches Extension (custom)
13236_3      Onset Harbor (custom)
13236_4      Redbrook Harbor, Megansett Harbor, Bassetts Island (custom)
13237          Nantucket Sound and Approaches
13238          Martha's Vineyard; Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven, Edgartown Harbors
346              Edgartown Harbor, Martha's Vineyard Vintage 1894
13238_2      Oak Bluffs Harbor, Martha's Vineyard
13238_3      Vineyard Haven Harbor, Martha's Vineyard
13238_4      Edgartown Harbor, Martha's Vineyard
13238_5      Chappaquiddick Island, Martha's Vineyard

1782            Nantucket Island Vintage 1782
13241          Nantucket Island
13241_1      Madaket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget Islands, Nantucket
13242          Nantucket Harbor
13244          Eastern Entrance to Nantucket Sound
13246          Cape Cod Bay
13246A       Cape Cod Bay (custom)
1208            Cape Cod Bay Vintage 1933
1000            Cape Cod Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard (Custom)
1107H         Cape Cod Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard Vintage 1945 (custom)
1107V          Cape Cod Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard Vintage 1945 (custom)
13248          Chatham Harbor and Pleasant Bay
13249          Provincetown Harbor
13250          Wellfleet Harbor;  Sesuit Harbor
13250-2       Sesuit Harbor
13251          Barnstable Harbor
339               Barnstable Harbor Vintage 1954
13253          Harbors of Plymouth, Kingston and Duxbury; Green Harbor
13253          Green Harbor Inset
13260          Bay of Fundy to Cape Cod
13267          Massachusetts Bay; North River
13267A        Massachusetts Bay; North River (custom)
13267-2       North River Inset
13269          Cohasset and Scituate Harbors
13270          Boston Harbor
13270A        Hingham, Hull and Weymouth Harbors (custom)
13272          Boston Inner Harbor
13272-2       Mystic River Extension
13274          Portsmouth Harbor to Boston Harbor
13274_1      Cape Ann to Hampton Beach
13274_2      Great Boars Head to Cutts Island
13274_3      Merrimack River Extension
13274_4      Merrimack River Extension
13274_5      Cape Ann to Boston Harbor
13275          Salem and Lynn Harbors
13275          Manchester Harbor Inset
13275_1      Danvers River (custom)
13276          Salem, Marblehead and Beverly Harbors
13278          Portsmouth to Cape Ann
13278          Hampton Harbor Inset
13279          Ipswich Bay to Gloucester Harbor
13279          Rockport Harbor Inset
13281          Gloucester Harbor and Annisquam River
13282          Newburyport Harbor and Plum Island Sound
                     Dutch Map of New England 1658

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